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Mercury Wasp Rubber powered model aircraft Free flight powered model aircraft
Model and photo: Richard EvansModel and photo: John Andrews Model: Neil Tricker Photo: Paul Blakeborough

SAM35 celebrates free flight, control line and radio control vintage, classic and old-time model aircraft - or models built in those traditions. Free flight models include gliders and rubber power-powered and engine-powered models. Control line emphasis is on fun racing and speed classes - and Vintage Stunt.

Enjoy building and flying traditional models with us.

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FUTURE OF SAM1066 IN QUESTION: Extraordinary General Meeting 16 January 2016

More here on the SAM 1066 site    Notes on problem (PDF download)   


The Society of Antique Modelers (SAM) is an international organisation - dedicated to the preservation of traditional model aviation in all forms. SAM 35 is a chapter of SAM - and is a Recognised Specialist Body of the BMFA .